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Thermoelectric Generators (TEG)

  TEG is used to harvest thermal energy and convert to electrical energy – Power generation

  Utilizes the temperature difference across the TEG system

  Energy conversion efficiency is low (5-15%)

  Efficiency improved by proper materials selection

  • Temperature difference
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Electrical conductivity

Research Scheme: Synthesis and processing of thermoelectric materials and devices

1.Thermoelectric materials development

a) Convert thermal into electric energy

b) Convert electricity into cooling

2.Thermoelectric generators devices (fabrication techniques)

a) Solid state thermoelectric cells (zeolites, carbon black)

b) Liquid state thermogalvanic cells (TGCs)

   i. Fabrication of electrode materials

   ii. Fabrication of housing materials

   iii. Electrolyte modification

Research Scheme: Application areas

1. Thermal energy harvesting

2. Local cooling

3. Temperature sensing