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Electrochemistry and Energy Materials

I. Energy Research Focus

•  Materials-based solutions that can bring about improvement in the use of energy materials via proper design and manufacturing routes, with the potential to compete with existing technologies/materials.

•  Target SDG 7: ensures access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern (clean) energy for all

•  Materials development that increases efficiency of energy generation and energy storage at low cost

II. Energy Sources

1. Photovoltaic cells

2. Thermoelectric energy converters (generators)

3. Computational and photocatalysis studies of metal-graphene based nanocomposite

4. Sensors for vapours in atmosphere

5. Flexible sensor for bio application using carbon based materials

6. Organic (plant) and inorganic DSSC

III. Energy Storage

1. Supercapacitors - Carbon based materials for supercapacitors application

2. Fuel cells

3. Hydrogen storage

4. Superconductors