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Students' Association

Students can also join local chapters of professional bodies like the Ghana Institution of Engineers (GHIE) and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). These groups organize seminars and presentations and partake in local and international conferences.

But it is not all academics as they also organize fun games and dinners! You will find out there are a number of good reasons for joining these organizations.

Materials And Metallurgical Engineering Students’ Association (MATESA)

MATESA is an association under the Ghana Engineering Students’ Association (GESA), KNUST-Kumasi, Ghana.

Every Materials Engineering Student and Metallurgical Engineering Student is an automatic member of MATESA. All materials engineering Alumni and Metallurgical Engineering Alumni are deemed eligible to be members of the association.

The MATESA constitution is the supreme code of conduct and ethics for every student in MATESA.     

Chimney with flame signifies Industrialization
Rocks (Ore) serves as Raw Materials
Bottle means Finished Product
Cross means First Aid (Safety); Composite materials


MOTTO: The motto of the association is “The Core Of  Engineering Technology.
COLORS: Blue and White. Blue signifies our ingenuity and White signifies our creativity as Engineers.



1. Package, promote, and encourage Materials Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering education through symposia, Industrial trips, conference, exchange programmes and also to carry out our role in the national and technological development as well as the world of science and inventions.

2. Provision of assistance to both the department and its members when the need arises and also the contribution of our quota to GESA.

3. To provide the students with the platform to obtain practical knowledge concerning the programme.

4. To enhance student-lecturer relationship in order to facilitate the teaching and learning process.

5. Finally to protect the interest of the student body and to serve as the mouth piece for the Materials Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering Student.


The executive officers comprise the following:
1.The President
2.The Vice President
3.The Secretary
4.The Financial Secretary
5.Organizing Secretary

Other executives include
1. The Electoral Commissioner
2. The Judicial Commissioner
3. Public Relations Officer
4. The Advisory Chair
5. The TRATECH chair
6. Womens’ Commissioner
7. Mentorship Coordinator
8. Sports Chairman

Committees under MATESA include:

1. Editorial Board: The chairman of this committee is the Editor.
- The committee is responsible for the publication of articles and magazines and also collection and editing of the articles.
-The committee also administers all the social media concerning the   association.
2. Judicial Commission: The Judicial Commissioner is the chairman .
- The commission is responsible for handling all judicial cases of MATESA as well as the monitoring, interpretation and administration of the rules and regulations of the association.
- The committee is also responsible for the compilation of the constitution and any form of amendments to the constitution of MATESA.
3. Electoral Commission: The Electoral Commissioner is the Chairman.
-The committee is responsible for conducting elections, referenda, and opinion polls of MATESA.
-The committee declares results for all forms of elections done under MATESA.
4. Advisory Committee: This committee is headed by the Advisor. It   includes all class representatives of the various year groups. The committee advises the entire Executive Body and its members on matters concerning MATESA.
5. Welfare Committee: The vice president is the head of this committee.
  -The committee is responsible for investigation of all cases pertaining to   student welfare and bereavement.
  -The committee also recommends to the association for honors to be conferred on persons who have contributed towards and dedicated themselves to the welfare of the association.
6. The TRATECH Committee: The Trade and Technology (TRATECH) is headed by the TRATECH chair.
- The committee represents the department in all aspects pertaining to Firs.
- The committee is also supervises and approves all projects and exhibitions  in the association.
7. Mentorship Committee: This committee affiliates freshmen to their respective senior course mates  to aid them familiarize quickly to the programme of study and assist them academically and socially.
8. Sports Committee: This committee is headed by the Sports Chairman. They are responsible for organizing all sporting activities in the department.